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BMA Signature Lash Line

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

I’m so excited to be announce that Bianca Mary Artistry has our own signature lash line.

Anyone that knows me, knows that lashes (and a red lip) are my thing and this is a dream come true.

Meet Bebe, named after me because of how big and bold they are (same babes). They are ever so slightly fanned out and our most voluminous pair of lashes.

Mimi, named after my daughter MiaRose because they remind me of how fancy she can be and how much she loves dress ups. These beauties add elegance to any look. I'm completely obsessed.

Gigi, named after my youngest daughter Giselle because they remind me of her fun and bold attitude. They will definitely add fun to your look.

Francesca, named after our Nonna Franca because they are so full of life just like she is. They are perfect for adding volume to your look while still having the colour of your eyeshadow popping through.

Elena, named after our late Nanna Elena because they are fun and a little bit cheeky like she was. These stunners will give sexiness and drama to your look.

And lastly, Lina named after our Nonna Lina. These beauties got their name because of their size. Cute and petite just like Nonna Lina. Stunning for everyday, they will add definition to eye with out feeling OTT.

Purchase yours here.

They are the most beautiful faux mink lashes.

So voluminous yet still super light weight and comfortable on the eye.

They retail for $14.99 and can be reused a minimum of 5 times if taken care of properly.

How do I take care of them you ask? It's so simple here is a video made by House Of Lashes that perfectly explains how to take care of your lashes.

*Pro tip: curl your natural lashes and put mascara on before you apply your falsies

Can't wait for you all to try our lashes, I know you'll love them just as much as I do.

Love B 💋

PS, all of the product shots for our lashes were taken by the love Bec from @becconroyphotography on insta

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