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Hygiene Tips!

Covid-19 aka the rona, has definitely taken Victoria by storm.

It’s super important for us to be taking every step we can to stop the spread so we can get back to lashing, tanning and making over our beautiful clients (we miss you SO much). Here are 5 of our top hygiene tips for our fellow MUAs, lash and tan techs.

  1. WASH YOUR HANDS- The first and most important step is washing your hands thoroughly before and in between every single client.

  2. SANITISE- Sanitising your hands in front of your client before starting any appointment shows your client that you have clean hands and will give them piece of mind knowing you’ve taken appropriate action to be cleanly and sanitary.

  3. BACTERIA - So how can bacteria spread?Moisture and warmer temperatures. This is why there should NEVER be any double dipping into cream or liquid products. A way we like to avoid this is my using a metal spatula and palette to decant product as it’s needed. Also, here is your friendly reminder to not blow on your brushes or false lashes, not only is it gross but you’re breathing whatever bacteria that’s in your mouth all over your client, tools and products - YUCK

  4. PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT- Masks and gloves, but make it fashion. Protecting yourself is just as important as protecting your client, to do so we recommend using a face mask or shield and latex free gloves.

  5. CLEANING- Before, during and after you clients it is so important to have a clean and sanitary work area. Its a good idea to have some Isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle on hand. This can be used to clean brushes in between clients, sanitise your tools, wipe down your protective shield. We also have antic bacterial wipes and spray handy to give everything a thorough clean.

We hope this is helpful to you all.

Stay safe, social distance and don’t forget that we’re all in this together.

Love B 💋

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